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Intense Body-Weight Chest Routine

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Quick Warm-Up Routine Here's a quick warm up you can do before you start your chest workout. If you need a good pump before your workout, feel free to try it. If your feeling adventurous, try it at the end of your workout. I listen to motivating Hip-Hop music when I workout by myself. I created a special playlist to keep me... »

The 2010 WORKOUT

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] 10 exercises for 20 reps Pull upsPower CleansTRX SL SquatsPerfect Push Ups SL Arm RaiseOne arm snatchesBurpee over FenceKnee tuck lateral slideBench Press Sit UpRoll Up MB Squat TossWindshield Wipers  Feel Free to share your... »


By alan

[youtube][/youtube] 3 Sets of 10 Reps with No Rest Roll Up to Pull UpsBow & Arrow Static LungesSpider Man CrawlsOver The Fence SquatsPush Up DivesBox Jumps into Crouch HoldsHope you enjoy it... »

Avatar Workout ( sneak preview )

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Did you know that Avatar is the highest gross film ever made? I had to create a workout for it after watching the movie. Hope you enjoy... »

How to execute Push Ups in Proper Form

By alan

[youtube][/youtube]   Working out is like going to college in some ways.  Most top colleges require students to take basic prerequisite "courses"  before you start classes. It's the same when in comes to fitness. You should always start with the basics and learn how to control your own body weight before you start lifting heavy weight. It's not impressive to lift 185lbs, 225lbs... » - NYC Personal Trainer Alan Gives You Weight Loss Secrets and Nutrition Advise

NYC Personal Trainer Alan Gives You Weight Loss Secrets and Nutrition Advise
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