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How Angie lost 40 pounds doing 30 minute workouts 2x a week?

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] It's always good to see another satisfied client who followed all my training and healthy eating principles. Nothing is more rewarding than helping others reach their goals. It's amazing to see her transformation right before my eyes. I am extremely proud of her. I feel confident that she will keep the weight off because she made all the sacrifices... »

Eugene Katchalov Hits the Gym in New York City

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Can health and fitness have a major impact on other areas of your life? Take a look and listen to poker expert Eugene Katchalov sharing his thoughts on how fitness helped his... »

How Nicole Lost 63 Pounds in 7 months Without Doing Cardio?

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Subscribe to Our Newsletter Get motivating health and fitness articles sent directly to your inbox. ... »

How Felicia Lost 100 Pounds in One Year?

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] It's always great to see a BEFORE and AFTER video of one of my clients progress.   The first part of the video shows how she looked two years ago. The second part shows how she looks today in 2011.   I want to congratulate my client for losing 100 pounds. NO Diet ! No Shakes! No Pills ! No Surgery!  Just Exercise and Healthy... »

How Much Should I Run a Day to Lose Weight ?

By alan

#1  Calculate Calories Burned #2 Reduce Calorie Intake That's the Bottom Line                          Running is one of the most efficient ways of burning calories, according to Ace Fitness. A person weighing 160 lbs. will burn about 15.1 calories per minute; that's 302 calories over a 20-minute run. Heavier individuals expend more energy and will burn more calories. If you are incorporating running into your... »

When you complain that your day is TOO LONG to workout

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Alan's Daily Schedule 5am wake up take my vitamins, energy supplements, and snacks 6am Boot Camp 3 meals and 3 snacks a day train between 5 to 10 clients a day 1 hour intense workout hopefully 3 x a week teach youth fit program in the evenings 2 x a week conference calls thruoghout my breaks home by 9:30 pm or 10 pm My days are usually between 14 to... »

Alan’s Biggest Loser Competition in 2009

By alan

[youtube][/youtube]   Check out my last competition when I was using my old website name " Nexx Level Fitness ". It's a new year.  I have a new name and website but the work continues. Hope you like the video. If you would like to join my next one, feel free to contact me for more... »

Would you miss a workout if you were on crutches ?

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I hope you achieve all your fitness goals for 2010. Feel Free to share with me your New Year's Resolution in the comment section below. Together we can complete my mission in making 2010 the best year ever! When you need more motivation .... think of Carol . What's you're excuse?                                                                                ... » - NYC Personal Trainer Alan Gives You Weight Loss Secrets and Nutrition Advise

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