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How to Lose Weight After Years of Trying

By alan

Trying to lose weight after trying for years? Are you finally at the point where you are ready to say "Enough is enough! " Are you sick and tired of the diets, annoyed by the way people stare at you and finally are you just down right disgusted with your body? Losing weight is not easy - we all know that.... »

Alan The Fitness Coach TV appearance on HGTV House Hunters

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] It was a very quick shot but something is better than nothing. We did about 20 minutes of footage for a very brief shot. LOL .I guess that's how the film industry works. I am glad for the opportunity. ... »

How Angie lost 40 pounds doing 30 minute workouts 2x a week?

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] It's always good to see another satisfied client who followed all my training and healthy eating principles. Nothing is more rewarding than helping others reach their goals. It's amazing to see her transformation right before my eyes. I am extremely proud of her. I feel confident that she will keep the weight off because she made all the sacrifices... »

Eugene Katchalov Hits the Gym in New York City

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Can health and fitness have a major impact on other areas of your life? Take a look and listen to poker expert Eugene Katchalov sharing his thoughts on how fitness helped his... »

How Nicole Lost 63 Pounds in 7 months Without Doing Cardio?

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Subscribe to Our Newsletter Get motivating health and fitness articles sent directly to your inbox. ... »

Encouraging African American Women to Exercise During Black History Month

By alan

Listen to internet radio with Saquan Jones on Blog Talk Radio If you missed the radio show this week, feel free to listen in by clicking play... »

7 Simple Weight-Loss Habits

By alan

                As soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, our eyes drop to the extra pounds we've packed on during the holiday marathon eating sessions. The resolution we make to lose weight and get fit is sincere, but all too often, our good intentions don't even last until the end of January. "Every January, health clubs see a spike... »

$hit Women Say to Personal Trainers

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] I normally don't post stuff like this but this is hilarious.... »

Top 5 Phone Applications to Help You Lose Weight

By alan

[youtube][/youtube] Here are some cool applications to help you keep track of everything. Studies show that tracking your progress increases your chances in reaching your weight loss goals. It inspires you to take action and continuously keeps you motivated as you track your current and past progress. I also found some other cool gadgets that you may find useful for your outside... » - NYC Personal Trainer Alan Gives You Weight Loss Secrets and Nutrition Advise

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