How To Prepare For The New York City Marathon ? |
22Jan, 2015

How To Prepare For The New York City Marathon ?


If you’ve decided to run the New York City Marathon, or the Half-Marathon, you probably already know how important it is to train for it. Going to a race without preparing or preparing improperly will greatly increase the chances of injuring yourself. That is why you might want to consider getting a personal trainer to help you get ready for race day.

Personal training can improve your flexibility, decrease your chances of getting injured, and increase your speed and endurance. Even experienced runners can benefit from having someone to critique their running form—after all you can’t see what you look like when you run.

One benefit of working with a trainer is that he/she will be able to tailor a workout that suits your specific needs. This is especially important if you have any pre-existing injuries that need to be rehabbed. A trainer can also teach you new breathing techniques that will help you get more oxygen to your muscles. Above all, he/she will make sure that you are preparing for your marathon or half marathon effectively and safely.

Preparing for a big race involves much more than just running. A personal trainer will work on your whole lifestyle to improve your health and fitness level. Proper diet and nutrition are particularly important. If you are going to demand this much work from your muscles then you need to give them the right fuel.

By choosing my services to help you get ready for a marathon you can be certain that you are being trained by someone who knows what they’re about. My staff and I are also certified in strength and conditioning. It’s easy to think that running is all about your legs but toning your upper body is just as important. Once you’ve built up some muscles and learned how to engage your core when you run you will feel the difference.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a very effective method of getting faster in a short period of time. It involves short busts at very high speeds followed by moderate rest periods. My training program can customize an HIIT workout that fits you, makes sure that you are physically ready to tackle it and ease you into interval training without injury. HIIT training combined with core and flexibility training will prepare your body for the different types of surfaces you will be running on. Keep in mind that resistance training also increases the strength of your bones in your lower extremities. The goal is to strengthen your hips, ankles, knees and overall core for optimal performance. Challenging your heart rate throughout your workout will help condition you for the race while adding flexibility training will decrease your chances of injury significantly. Overall strengthening and conditioning your entire body will keep you lighter on your feet to sustain the long distance.

Another option that can help you prepare for a marathon is small group training. Training as a group makes workouts more fun and helps keep you motivated. It also saves you money. If you’re truly committed to a lifestyle change to help you get faster and healthier, consider one of my fitness boot camp classes. They are fun, intense, and give you a burst of energy that lasts throughout the day. Training twice a week with a boot camp class can greatly improve your running performance. Most of my boot camps usually focus on bodyweight and moderate weight training which are perfect for runners. You can’t get injured using your own bodyweight but you can get significantly stronger.

The old methodology of running more makes you run better and longer is inaccurate. In fact, the typical running program used for half and full marathon is slightly modified with my marathon training program. You will not have to run so often throughout the week to achieve success with your marathon training. You will still be able to perform at an optimal level and improve your running time with my recommended modifications.

Contact me today to set up a consultation for a customized marathon training program, personal training, to join a small group training class, or learn more about my fitness boot camps. Whatever your goals are for this marathon, I can help you meet them.

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