How to Lose Weight After Years of Trying |
30May, 2014

How to Lose Weight After Years of Trying

Trying to lose weight after trying for years?

Are you finally at the point where you are ready to say “Enough is enough! ” Are you sick and tired of the diets, annoyed by the way people stare at you and finally are you just down right disgusted with your body? Losing weight is not easy – we all know that. But many people have lost weight and kept it off. Here are some simple things that you can do in order to lose weight after years of trying.


Things you’ll need:

  • Personal trainer to give you the proper support and instruction for losing weight.
  1. HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER. By hiring a personal trainer to lose weight you will see immediate results. A certified personal trainer will give you the discipline and focus you need to lose weight.
  2. CREATE A FOOD PLAN. Develop a food plan for healthy living in order to lose more weight. Ask yourself why you eat so much? Why do you eat so poorly and when is the over eating going to end? After years of eating the wrong foods, isn’t it time to develop a food plan in order to lose weight? Create a food plan…. today
  3. ELIMINATE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. Focus on losing weight instead of the many years that have passed. Ignore people who discourage you and fill your life with positive people with positive attitudes.
  4. COMMIT YOURSELF TO A FITNESS COACH. Use a fitness coach to run, jog, exercise. A fitness coach/personal trainer is really the only way to make sure you exercise and eat right.
  5. SPEAK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Consult with your physician in order to create a comprehensive list of foods you should and should not eat.

Tips & Warnings

  • Lose weight by staying focused on a specific goal.
  • Avoid weight loss programs that cost a lot of money and make a lot of empty promises.

By xrayness, eHow User

Alan’s Comments:

If you tried numerous of times trying to lose the weight and failed then you need to try something different. The key to achieving any goal worth accomplishing is to keep trying until you’re successful. Are you a person that begins a task and quits as soon as it starts to get difficult? Are you a person that never finishes what you start? Are you a person that believes your goals are not realistic or attainable?

Have you ever heard the term that a mind is a terrible thing to waste? That’s exactly what your doing if one of those questions pertains to you. Everything you read, watch, and even the people you hang with, have an affect on your belief that you can reach your weight loss goals. Everything you think and believe will affect how you behave and perform. Your mind has the power to help you lose the weight, keep you motivated and consistent for a lifetime, if you’re feeding it the right information.

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