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7Sep, 2011

How Felicia Lost 100 Pounds in One Year?

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It’s always great to see a BEFORE and AFTER video of one of my clients progress.


The first part of the video shows how she looked two years ago. The second part shows how she looks today in 2011.


I want to congratulate my client for losing 100 pounds.

NO Diet ! No Shakes! No Pills ! No Surgery!  Just Exercise and Healthy Eating !  Here’s Proof that it can be done !


With hard work, dedication and consistency anyone can make it happen. What’s great is that she did it without the glamor of being on television. She did it without a chef,  or working out 4 hours a day. She gradually did it week by week with occasional set backs. What’s more important is that she overcame all obstacles and crossed the finish line. I hope this video will inspire others to keep going after your goals.


Feel free to share your positive comments in celebration of her victory.

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  1. Carol

    Fantastic! You look great! This type of gradual progress means she will maintain it and continue to the next goal. No fad diets or pills. She can see how good she looks and feels and that all the work and dedicaton paid off in multiples. Congratulations to both Alan and his client. It takes commitment from both. Alan’s complex professional training, gentle but serious and encouraging approach can do wonders for anyone no matter what their needs or goals.

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