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22May, 2011

How does the taste of Anti-Freeze in Your Potato Chips sounds?

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Starchy fried foods such as French Fries, potato chips, some baked goods, and many other items contain a chemical called acrylamide that has been shown to cause cancer and neurological problems in animals. So far, acrylamide, which occurs naturally when high-carbohydrate foods are cooked at high temperatures, has not been shown to cause cancer in humans. But some experts are concerned.

One reason scientists are leery about acrylamide is that it is so pervasive: about 40 percent of the foods we eat contain at least some measure of the chemical. Until 2002, no one even knew acrylamide was lurking in the food supply. Before then, it had been recognized only as a synthetic material found in cigarette smoke, plastics, adhesives, and grout, not as a possible cancer-causing ingredient in our food.

Acrylamide forms when sugars and asparagines (an amino acid) are heated together at temperatures that top 248 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to French fries and potato chips, food toxicologists have detected acrylamide in foods as varied as coffee, roasted asparagus, crackers, corn chips, toast, donuts, and canned olives.

Since the Swedish Food Administration found high levels of acrylamide in high-carbohydrate foods in 2002 and linked it to cancer in laboratory animals, other research has supported the original findings. However, the impact of acrylamide on human health in terms of cancer or other diseases is still uncertain.

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Alan’s Comments:

Potato Chips contains a chemical called acrylamide which has been linked to cause cancer. Acrylamide is also found in cigarettes.

Ranch dressing , tacos, and donuts contains propylene glycol, which is the same ingredient found in anti-freeze. This toxic ingredient is also found in some soaps, tooth paste, drinks, dog food,  shampoo, and baby wipes. They say that this same ingredient is also found in Dunkin Donut’s coffee. I’m curious to know how many coffee spots in New York City use propylene glycol in their coffee. The food industry gives this same toxic chemical to cows so they can produce more milk. The effect of all these carcinogenic chemicals is still largely unknown, but with cancer rates at an all time high, one has to think it can’t be good. In fact, studies have found traces over 200 different potentially harmful chemicals in new born baby screenings. We were all born with common sense, some of us use it more than others.

 For more information about propylene glycol, here’s some further readings:

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