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3Apr, 2011

How to Lose Weight

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Figuring out how to lose weight is a challenge for many of us, particularly considering that the quickest path to weight loss is different for everyone. Of course, the common denominator is always proper diet and exercise, which not only aid in weight loss, but also keep a body healthy. Of course you’ve heard this before – the challenge is to follow through. Others have lost weight by following these simple guidelines, and so can you.


things you’ll need:

  • Healthy foods
  • Food and exercise journals
  • Health cookbooks
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      Set small, realistic goals. If you have a lot of weight to lose, try for 5 pounds, relax a bit and then go for 5 more.

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      Start a regular exercise program and stick with it.

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      Sneak in extra exercise in addition to your regular program. Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk; take the stairs instead of the elevator.

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      Eat healthy fats from nuts, seeds and olive oil, and high-fiber foods such as vegetable salads and whole-grain pastas.

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    Choose foods that you like. Learn to prepare healthful, low-calorie foods that taste good by checking healthy cook books for new recipes. Eating well doesn’t have to mean eating dull.

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    Eat smaller, more frequent meals. This way, your body starts to increase its metabolism so that calories are burned faster. Also, mini-meals can prevent overeating.

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    Plan ahead. Keep the fridge stocked with healthful food and you’ll be less likely to run out for high-calorie, high-fat junk food.

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    Determine your favorite snack time and be sure to have plenty of healthful options available when you get hungry.

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    Keep a food diary. This will help you pinpoint where you can improve your diet.


    Tips & Warnings
    • Lose weight with a friend, or join a support group.
    • Avoid those vending machines by carrying around your own healthful foods and leaving pocket change at home.
    • Try oatmeal instead of cornflakes for breakfast–eating oatmeal can help reduce cholesterol levels, and its high fiber content will keep you full longer.
    • Choose an exercise program that you enjoy, and don’t shun the unconventional. For instance, did you know that regular vigorous dancing is exercise too?
    • Lose weight gradually–you are more apt to keep it off. A safe amount is 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per week.
    • Consult a doctor to find an exercise program that is best for you.
    • Crash diets can help you lose weight quickly, but most people gain the weight back. Some of these diets are also unhealthy and dangerous. If you choose to go with a specific diet plan, choose one that is medically credible.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, contact a physician or other health care professional before engaging in any activity related to health and diet. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

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    Alan’s comments:

     All of these tips are great. Finding an exercise routine that gives your body a challenge is also just as important. You want to be involved with a program that is not too easy or not too hard. You want to be challenged right in the middle and occasionally taken above and beyond.

    That’s why it’s important to hire a personal trainer or have some type of guidance. It’s one less thing you have to worry or think about. You’re goal is to have everything on auto-pilot so you’re just walking through the motions.

    Do your best to stay committed to you’re weight loss goals. Try not to get frustrated when you reach an obstacle. Most obstacles are placed in front of you to make you a stronger person. There is no quick fix to sustainable weight loss. You must put in the time to reap the benefits. It’s one of the only few things in life that you really can’t cheat.

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