The Truth About The Super Bowl by Alan Courtenay |
6Feb, 2011

Living a Balanced Lifestyle

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday, where millions of people across the world will watch the sport of football. Unfortunately, more than half of the people watching the Super Bowl never played sports in their entire life. Out of the millions of people that fills up the sports bars every week, there’s a very small percentage that even knows what a gym looks like.   

         Don’t get me wrong, I love sports to the utmost. It’s one of the only few things in this world that brings people together for a good cause. I think everyone should experience being part of a team at least once in their life. Unfornutately the majority of people watching sports only use sports as an excuse to eat fast foods and drink beer.  Watching your favorite team or player should be an inspiration for you to either get in shape or to play a recreational sport. We should spend less time watching and more time playing  sports.

Feel free to share your thoughts or concerns on this topic.  Be sure to check out the video about living a balanced lifestyle.

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  1. Carol

    Yaay!! You are so right on.

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