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22Oct, 2010

Do you feel that it’s safe for your kids to eat this way ?

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Should we be concerned ?

Kid’s jump up and down when you tell them you’re getting dinner from McDonald’s.  But a child’s short-term happiness will bring long term health issues when they’re teenagers and adults.  In other words, the foods we give our children today will directly impact their health tomorrow. An obese child has more than health concerns, such as juvenile diabetes, to worry about.  Their confidence is crushed knowing that s/he is overweight.

If almost everything we eat is being compromised, how do we protect ourselves?

How can we save the lives of our children?

This fast food nation is slowly killing our kids one day at a time. It’s a frightening to think that many parents will outlive their children.  But something so terrible is possible if we continue to accept a lifestyle of inactivity and immediate gratification in consuming processed foods.  If you continue to ignore the effects of what fast foods are doing to our kids’ health, you destroy their future. They will be on the express train to disaster.  

Fast foods are the true weapons of mass destruction.

An estimated 1 in 5 children is considered overweight in America. It’s the #1 health problem among our kids and here are the ethnic groups who are obese:

  • 13% of Asians
  • 16% of Whites
  • 21% of Blacks
  • 22% of Hispanics
  • 31% of American Indians

If the food system is corrupt now, how will it look when our children become adults?

I was raised eating West Indian and Spanish cuisine. My family is from Panama and St. Lucia, and we ate the traditional dishes such as oxtail, curry goat, roti, jerk chicken, rice and peas.  I ate this stuff all the time. Family functions meant a treat of spanish rice and beans with either beef or chicken. Our favorite side dish was sweet plantains!  My stomach grumbles just thinking of all of this natural tasty food.   As a kid, I also had a very active lifestyle.  I was constantly moving my body and playing outside was much more rewarding than playing any video games.

As an adult I made a major sacrifice giving up my family’s eating heritage. But it wasn’t long before I realized the long term effects of continuing to eat this way. I felt sluggish and I was more susceptible to getting sick. I had frequent mid-day crashes. But once I started eating healthier foods , I’ve rarely had any colds,  fevers or any physical discomforts. And best of all, my energy is sky high, something that behooves you if you’re a trainer. 

Plus, I refuse to be a overweight trainer. That’s the biggest contradiction ever and the most embarrassing thing to witness. What’s even more scary is watching people actually pay to work with a fat trainer.  My philosophy: you gotta practice what you preach!   

Your health is your wealth.  


I encourage everyone to do their homework and investigate the long term effects of our food system and the fast food industry. Do not assume that you and your family are safe.  Get information from my blog and do your research.

Our food system today can be compared to fighting in a war on the front line without any weapons. They have all bases covered leaving us defenseless.

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Comments on “Do you feel that it’s safe for your kids to eat this way ?” (3)

  1. Carol

    Love this new blog segment, especially the part including your own background. It’s long been said that the retail world, especially TV stations and food vendors, sell what sells best. It’s in their best financial interest. It’s not up to them to educate the public and provide what is best, only what sells best. If stupid, crappy TV programs draw a bigger audience than world news than you can be sure there will be no world news. Sweeteners and fillers are added to all types of food. I cannot find a box of breakfast cereal, no matter what the “healthy” hype on the carton, that doesn’t include some sort of sugars. Did you ever look at the ingredients in bread? It is extremely rare, but I’ve discovered not impossible, to find bread without added sweeteners. So it is perfectly possible to bake bread without adding some type of sugar–and it tastes great.
    We have to educate our taste buds to prefer more natural foods without all the additives. Hundreds of years ago salt was prized, not because it is healthy or tastes good, but because it was one of the only preservatives before refrigeration. Gradually we became acclimatized to it and it became a preferred taste. It is not healthy, increases fluid retention, increases blood pressure, adds to the possibility of heart disease. Food producers claim they must add salt to their products otherwise they wouldn’t sell. Did you ever look at the ingredients of a can of soup? Did you ever consider how much salt is in a slice of pizza? Take a look!
    I think our bodies would tell us a lot about what it prefers if we would only take heed and “listen”. I have a granddaugher in Sydney, Australia, who will not eat anything sweet. She doesn’t like the taste. Her twin sister had a cake for their recent 7th birthday. She didn’t. Her Mom made her an alternative and she was very happy with it.

  2. Carol

    I don’t agree with the criticism of Monsanto. Modifying the seed genome does not add unnatural or dangerous ingredients to the plant that grows the food, or to the product of the plant. I would much rather eat the food product of a modified seed (corn, wheat, soybeans, rye, alfalfa, strawberries, etc.) than the harvest that has been contaminated with weed-killers and plant disease preventers (rust, rot, bugs, viruses). I can peel an avocado, pineapple or banana and wash pretty thoroughly an apple, plum and lettuce but not many other agricultural items I eat. Do we know what has been sprayed on the wheat and rye that goes into our breads and cereals? Whatever it was it goes into the finished product that we eat. I don’t even want cows and cattle to graze in contaminated fields. More important than jumping on Monsanto (and other companies like Syngenta) would be to pursue the use of hormones in meat-producing animals and fowl.

  3. Carol

    What about the strawberries in those nice, healthy fruit-and-protein shakes? Seeds genetically modified to protect the fruit from bugs and mold or sprayed with chemical repellents? Which would you prefer? The farmers are going to do something to protect their crops and livelihood. Do you think those strawberries were washed thoroughly before being pureed for the shake? I doubt it–time is money.

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