How to execute Push Ups in Proper Form |
19Dec, 2009

How to execute Push Ups in Proper Form

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Working out is like going to college in some ways.  Most top colleges require students to take basic prerequisite “courses”  before you start classes. It’s the same when in comes to fitness. You should always start with the basics and learn how to control your own body weight before you start lifting heavy weight. It’s not impressive to lift 185lbs, 225lbs or more if you can barely perform a proper push-up.  I see people grunting their way through heavy weights for only one or two reps and they can barely do 10 push-ups.

When you practice body weight exercises frequently, you keep your core and overall body strong to prevent you from getting hurt during heavy lifting. I’m sure you know someone that works out frequently and keep injuring themselves on a consistent basis. This is the reason why.

So learn the basic body-weight exercises first before progressing to heavy weights.  By the way, how many push-ups did I do in this video?

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Comments on “How to execute Push Ups in Proper Form” (4)

  1. Ronee

    Hi Allan,
    Very helpful and inspirational since I struggle with pushups…couldn’t do any until bootcamp on Mondays.
    Thank you..once again..see you 12:15

  2. Carol Jarecki

    Great video. Very informative. Keep them coming.

  3. Linton Davis

    Alan you make great point, from personal experience you have to learn how to do pushups correctlty before
    doing bench weights.

  4. This is such a deep blog! What can I say, youve hit the nail right on the head! You even added some videos to make it seem so much more real. Youve got a great way of communicating with the reader, a great way of making me feel like what you have to say is just as important to me as it is to you. Keep it up!

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