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14Sep, 2015

How Tim Lost 17 pounds in 21 days?

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Tim’s Success Story

Tim shares his success story of his 21 day journey. While working full-time and juggling the care of his two little boys he managed to make the time to complete the competition. Time management and making use of your time is extremely important when you have so many responsibilities.
He reached a point where he was sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable with his weight and thankfully my email newsletter came in just in time. He completed the 21 Day Fitness Transformation Challenge losing a total of 17 pounds in three weeks. He is not only looking better physically, he is also a better Dad for his kids.Male role models plays an important role in the lives of all children especially in boys. Any accomplishments big or small can make a huge difference in their lives. Losing weight or getting in better shape is not only about you, it’s about the lives of all the love one’s surrounding you.

How Kelly Lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks?

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[youtube][/youtube] Kelly's Success Story Let me introduce Kelly to you. Her success story is definitely different from all the rest. She is currently a loyal subscriber of my monthly newsletter for many years now. One day she finally decided to accept one of my email offers to try out the NYC Boot Camp 21 Day Challenge. She was hesitant at first... »

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Cast Your Vote for a Winner of the 21 Day Transformation Challenge


Below are two participants who both ended the competition with the same weight loss percentage at the end of 21 days. It will be too difficult for me to make the decision on my own, that's why I'm asking for your participation. Please look at there results and vote on who you think should win the competition. Should Sharnise Win ? [youtube][/youtube] Should... »

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How To Prepare For The New York City Marathon ?

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If you've decided to run the New York City Marathon, or the Half-Marathon, you probably already know how important it is to train for it. Going to a race without preparing or preparing improperly will greatly increase the chances of... »

What You Can Do While Pregnant: 3 Steps to Success

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            Fit and Pregnant—What to Do to Keep in Line   It’s a happy time but pregnancy can take its toll.  Future Moms see themselves gaining weight and becoming more fatigued by the day.  Hormonal changes and imbalances also affect energy and fitness... » - NYC Personal Trainer Alan Gives You Weight Loss Secrets and Nutrition Advise

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